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Songs...or not.

Revised: 23 Jun 2015

The heliocentric cabaret brought music of the spheres,
The Roma's violin sang Czardas to our ears,
Laughing, cruel fanatics added reason to our fears,
But those winds are gone.
The night is long.

The shadows of our yesterdays are really not our past,
We thought the noticed moments of our memories would last,
But all selective highlights would, in truth, leave us aghast.
Now, the winter’s come,
And I remember some.

Though still around these many years, I could not live or die;
Though I had shed so many tears, I'd never learned to cry;
And on the day you left, I really couldn’t say “Goodbye.”
And then, reality
Caught up with me.


Poet, dancer:
You are a song.
You are the wind and leaf that move,
The flickering light,
Multicolored shadows,
Illusions on a screen.
You are that little one,
Pulling petals from a flower
One by One,
Smelling each.
Then feeling them soft
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